In 1957 an ageing lady decided to acquire the small estate of an erstwhile Nawab to start a boarding school for young Indian girls. There were no funds, no staff, and no school buildings. Yet Miss Oliphant refused to give up her mission. She entrusted the task of setting up and running the school to Miss Grace Mary Linnell who became the Founder-Principal. 'Nasreen', the large bungalow of Nawab Saiduzzafar, was transformed into Welham, named after a Welsh village.

Over the last 50 years, the school has added to its campus piece by piece and has come to symbolize independence, high standards and a progressive attitude. At the same time, from its inception, Welham has focused on developing in its students pride in Indian culture and awareness of national and global issues and concerns.

Miss Linnell was succeeded by Miss S.Srivastava who headed the school for eighteen years and then by Mrs. S. Varma who led the school for twelve years. The present Principal is Mrs. Jyotsna Brar.

The Welham community has grown from its original ten students to six hundred students. Hundreds of alumni are scattered in various parts of the world. The school motto, chosen by Miss Linnell, embodies the essence of this spirit: 'Aartta Shanti Phala Vidya' - the fruits of education are in the peace and succor brought to the suffering.

Miss H. S. Oliphant

Miss G. M. Linnell
Founder Principal
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